Text Teleprompter App

Do you want to create amazing videos with ease? Do you need a script to help you speak with confidence and clarity? Do you want to record and share your videos with the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Text Teleprompter is the app for you!

Text Teleprompter is a simple and smart app that combines a teleprompter and a video recorder in one. You can read from a script while recording a video. You can also customize the font size and scrolling speed to suit your preferences.

With Text Teleprompter, you can record videos in high quality, using the front or rear camera of your iPhone. You can also use an external microphone to capture clear audio.

Text Teleprompter is the perfect app for anyone who wants to create engaging videos for vlogging, business, education, entertainment, or personal use. Whether you want to practice a speech, film a self-tape audition, record a video resume, or make a product review, Text Teleprompter will help you achieve your goals.

Download Text Teleprompter today and start making awesome videos!

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